eAnalytics Sitemap

  1. PageHome eAnalytics the integrated open source solution for web analytics which offers everybody the opportunity to do professional web analytics without license fees.
  2. FolderProduct The integrated open source product eAnalytics provides features for a professional web analytics and store the data in compliance to the data privacy law.
    1. PageeAnalytics Product Info The in-house solution for web analytics is developed for companies which want to improve their analytics, e.g. optimize the sales conversation, user experience, ab testing.
    2. PageeAnalytics Features Real-time reporting, multi server and domain tracking, marketing channels, Google AdWords, interactive reports, scheduler are samples of the eAnalytics features.
    3. PageeAnalytics Privacy Data security is a main issue. eAnalytics offers features to store data in compliance to the data privacy law: in-house solution, IP address Mask Modul, DoNotTrack function.
    4. PageAffero General Public License eAnalytics is on open source product which can be used without any license fees, the complete source code is available and can be modified under the AGPL 3 license. AGPL is the Affero Gerneral Public License. Use eAnalytics as an open source web analytics product under the AGPL terms and conditions.
    5. PageRoadmap The eAnalytics team improves and develops the open source product continuously with the goal to create the leading open source product for web analytics.
  3. FolderResources eAnalytics offers documentations and webcasts which support you with the easy implementation of the open source web analytic tool.
    1. PageDownload For the open source product are the following downloads available: the Debian package, the VMware image, the eAnalytics source code and the eAnalytics tag.
    2. PageDocumentation The documentations in German and English will help the user to install the Debian package and implement the eAnalytics code in the web page and give some examples.DocumentationThis page offers a few documentations which support the users with tips and tricks for the implementation of eAnalytics.The eAnalytics installation guide will help you to install the Debian package on your server. The Page Tagging guide describe how to tag the web page and give some examples for tagging parameter, is available in English and German.The Quick Start Page Tagging Guide is a summary of the Page Tagging Guide and describes the main issues.
    3. PageScreencasts The sceencasts shows some eAnalytics features, some advises for the web frontend and tips and tricks of the open source product.
    4. PageSystem Requirements The requirements for eAnalytics are an own server with the following software: PERL, UBUNTU, PHP, Apache, Tomcat and unzip.
  4. FolderService EXAConsult offers support, consulting, training and hosting service for the open source product eAnalytics.
    1. PageSupport Service EXAConsult offers 3 different support packages for eAnalytics to make the most of you open source web analytic tool.
    2. PageConsulting Service EXAConsult offers eAnalytics users implementation support, web analytics consulting, eAnalytics customization, system integration support and data warehouse consulting.
    3. PageTraining Service eAnalytics trainings are available: online and at clients office. You will get educated in web analytics with eAnalytics, conversation optimization, e-commerce analysis
    4. PageHosting Service EXAConsult will support you with the eAnalytics server hosting and server administration and choose the right server for your requirements.
  5. FolderPartner The eAnalytics partner program is an opportunity to optimize and customize the web analytic tool with the support of eAnalytics partners.
    1. PagePartner Program One partner program is cooperation with other open source companies or developers to get a full data and web mining package for clients.
    2. PagePartner Certification Special trainings certificate the eAnalytics partners to maximize the web analytics success at clients and optimize the conversation rate.
    3. PageOur Partners eAnalytics partners are open source companies and companies which provides software solutions for BI (business intelligent).
  6. FolderCompany The company EXAConsult developed ad launched the open source web analytics product eAnalytics.
    1. PageAbout Us The company EXAConsult has developed eAnalytics. The experience of EXAConsult in data warehousing and web analytics has influenced the development of eAnalytics.
    2. PageReferences Companies who use eAnalytics as a web analytic tool are referenced here.
  7. FolderCommunity The eAnalytics community offers an user forum – to share the user knowledge – and a bug tracker to indentify implementation bugs.
    1. PageBlog The eAnalytics blog inform the user about new eAnalytics features, events and general web analytic and open source topics.
    2. PageBugtracker The Bugtracker helps to identify the bugs in the page tagging / implementation in the web sites.
    3. PageForum Blog topics could be: new eAnalytics features, web analytics, ab testing, sales funnel, sales conversion, optimizing the conversion, optimizing the user experience