eAnalytics Download

  • Debian Package


    eAnalytics is distributed as a Debian package.

    Download the latest stable release of the eAnalytics Debian Package here:

    v1.1 for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server - eanalytics_14.04_v1.1.3_amd64.deb (Date 2015-05-19)

    If you want to install this debian package please take a look at the system requirements and use the eAnalytics Installation Guide for the Debian Package.

  • VMware Image


    Prior to installing the Debian package on an ubuntu system, it might be very useful to start eAnalytics in a virtual machine. That way you are able to test not only the basic functions of the eAnalytics portal (like in the online demo www.demo-eanalytics.de) but as well test advanced features of the portal (like the user management). In addition you can test all the other components of the eAnalytics solution (tag server, processing, database and more) without actual having to set them up. In order to do this, please download the latest stable release of the eAnalytics VMware Image.

    v0.9 - eanalytics_vm_image_0.9.zip

    Please check the system requirements as well.

  • eAnalytics Source Code


    If you are interested in extending or enhancing eAnalytics or you just want to have a look at the source code, you can find it within the following zip archive:

    v0.92 - eanalytics_src_0.92.zip (Date 2012-08-31)

    v0.9 - eanalytics_src_0.9.zip


  • eAnalytics Tag


    The eAnalytics Tag needs an external JavaScript file which contains its functions and general settings.

    eAT v1.2.1 - eat_v1_2_1.js.gz

    Please check the page tagging guide for further instructions.