Integrated Open Source Web Analytics

eAnalytics is a new web analytics system especially designed for companies that require an integrated in-house web analytics solution. The system meets strong privacy issues as well as requirements for a tight integration of data from different sources and a tight integration of different systems (operational and analytical).

eAnalytics offers an integrated view on data including data on visitor and buying behavior, effectiveness and efficiency of multi-channel marketing, various types of business events and reference data.

Due to its openness the system can be seamlessly integrated with other systems to improve analytics. The system can act as provider of data or consumer of data to other systems (e.g. DW/BI-, CRM-, Newsletter- and Data Mining systems, CRM systems and newsletter systems). The system can also act as data provider to operational systems (such as CRM systems, newsletter systems an website) such that personalized communication (regarding content, form, channel and time) becomes possible under affordable conditions.

eAnalytics can easily be adapted to the specific needs of a company. Taking into account the uniqueness of a company in the set-up of the web analytics system, it is not necessary to be satisfied with a standard solution any more.

eAnalytics is distributed as open source software (under the AGPL 3 license) which means among other things: the system can be used without license costs and  the complete source code is not only available, but can also be modified.

The open source project ist hosted by Integrated Analytics. Integrated Analytics will continue to manage the project in the future and ensure high quality development, support, training, certification and consulting.

In contrast to other low-cost solutions offered in the web analytics market, eAnalytics will meet today's and tomorow's business requirements.

eAnalytics a product of:Integrated Analytics

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