Partner certification program

eAnalytics offers 2 kinds of  partner program:

Our technical partner programm
eAnalytics will cooperate with other open source software companies / developer to provide our clients additional values which goes beyond the web analytics. We will combine expertise and our clients will benefit from the know-how of both companies.

Certificated partner implementation and web analytic consulting
Certificated partner of eAnaltyics have high product knowledge and a high quality in the implementation. The eAnalytics team considers the partner certification continuously and checks the quality guidelines so that you can be sure that the eAnalytics partner is able to help you with your specific issue.

The eAnalytic team offers special trainings for the eAnalytic partner consultants to minimize the project risks and for a successful implementation in the whole client IT environment.

The eAnalytic team recommends only trained and certificated consultants for the customer on-site implementation.