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Hi all,
I have a quick question on the Entry Paths report. I add the variable "Origin" to the report. What exactly does this variable mean in this report?
Thanks Anna

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Hello Anna,
the “origin” variable present the source channel of the visitors - where does the visitor come from to your page. Possible "origins" can be “direct”(typed URL or bookmark), “Search Engine Optimization” (click on search result), “Search Engine Advertising” (click on paid search result), “Online Display Advertising” (click on banner campaign), “Social Media” (link from social media to your page) and “Referrer” (external website link to your page).
The entry path report shows the first 3 clicks from visitors on your page. With the variable “origin” you can analyze where do the visitors come from and how does the origin influence the first clicks on your page.
Best regards

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