Which kind of Support Service makes sence?
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There are 3 kinds of Support Service. The "Basic" is for free and the others with monthly fee. What indicates (company revenue? number of pagetraffic? number of employees? shop revenue? online marketing expences?...) a recommended kind of Support?

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Hi JJ,
there are 3 different support services. The best suitable support for your company depends on your requirements of a web analytic system.
For example some companies require data availability from a web analytic system 24h a day and 7 days a week - nearly real time to handle the company processes. In this situation unavailability is a high risk for such a company.
For mission critical process the Premium package it is recommended. Premium support customer gets support via phone and troubleshooting via remote is available for them. Additional the support reaction time is for Premium customers faster than for Basic and Comfort.
So, it’s up to you: you have to decide what is important for you and choose the best support in dependence on your priorities.
Here youfind an overview of the 3 service packages and the differences: http://eanalytics.de/service/support-service.html
Please do not hesitate to post agaian or contact us via contact form if you have more questions regarding the service.

Best Isabel

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