The IdealObserver ranking of web analytic tools

Published in Webanalytics on 12.13.2011 at 11:13

The IdealObserver published yesterday a new update of the web analytics tool ranking. All available web analytic tools in Germany get ranked based on the scopes and features.

More than 360 features and scopes get recorded and 420 points could be possible. All professional web analytic tools are ranked by the achieved points. So, the first three ranks are Adobe with SiteCatalyst 15, Webtrends with Webtrends Analytics 10 and Webtreck with Webtreck Q3.

Next to the commercial web analytic solutions are also open source products (e.g. eAnalytics or Piwik) and products without license fees (e.g. Google Analytics) in the IdealObserver ranking. The leader of all free web analytic products is eAnalytics.

In total eAnalytics is on rank number 14. So, 13 tools are ranked better than eAnalytics and more than 80 tools did not reached as much points as eAnalytics. eAnalytics is the best ranked web analytic tool without license fees in the IdealObserver ranking, which is an independent ranking.

Regarding data security eAnalytics reached more points than SiteCatalyst 15 (rank 1) and Webtrends Analytics 10 (rank 2). The main reason for the high ranking in the security category is the in-house solution. All other featured which provide the clients to store the web analytic data in compliance to the security law you find in this blog post.

Posted by: Isabel Kick, Web Analyst

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