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Now, two months and one week since the launch of the open source solution for web analytics – eAnalytics – it is time to make a short review about the last 2 months.


The eAnalytics team had a stand at the digital exposition and conference dmexco in cologne. After two exciting and interesting days, the eAnalytics team had a lot of new contacts, new ideas and inspirations.

New Release

Punctual to the dmexco exhibition, the eAnalytics team launched a new version of the open source web analytics tool with some updates and improvements – eAnalytics 0.91.

Traffic on eAnalytics web page

The traffic on the eAnalytics homepage in the first two month was not bad: in total more than 3.000 visits and more than 10.000 page views until the end of October 2011with nearly 700 successful events (like document download, video streams or source code downloads). The September – the dmexco month – was the best one: The average number of daily unique user is in September 80% higher than in the following month.

Most of the visitors come directly to the eAnalytics homepage (41%). The direct customers are the segment with highest conversion to a defined success event. Customers coming from a display campaign or search advertising (in total 51% of all visitors) have a high bounce rate. Maybe these visitors expect something else when they clicked on the advertising.

So, the eAnalytics team has two to dos: find out what visitors expect and create a landing page. Visitors which come from SEO, social media or direct to the web site, have the lowest bounce rate. This result was expected: visitors from social media are fans or followers of eAnalytics because they are interested in web analytics or open source products. The SEO visitors have also a high interest to web analytics and web analytic tools because they used a search engine and clicked on a search engine result to land on the eAnalytics homepage. That is why these visitors do not bounce directly – they have an intention.

Downloads of eAnalytics

The open source code of eAnalytics can be downloaded on the eAnalytics homepage or on In the last two month there was 39 downloads on these to web sites: 20 downloads from the eAnalytics homepage and 19 from the sourceforge with France and Germany as the top download countries.

Social  media

One of the important things of an open source product is the community. Learn from the experience of other users and talk about best practices will help everyone to use an open source web analytics product. That is why eAnalytics is interested in to have an own community over a few platforms.

During two months eAnalytics published 6 blog posts on the own blog about eAnalytics features, data privacy and the advantages to use the open source product for web analytics.

32 people from the web analytics and open source community follow eAnalytics on Twitter and read and retweet the eAnalytics Tweets. Since launch, 93% of all tweets were retweeted by the followers.

On Facebook are 65 people fans of the open source web analytic product. The fans get continuous updates about news, new features and can contact the eAnalytics team directly. Currently 19 fans of eAnalytics are talking about eAnalytics on Facebook.

In Xing and LinkedIn are user groups available. These groups are platforms for all eAnalytics users to post their experience, ask questions, and share best practices and network with other eAnalytics user.  The eAnalytics team moderates these groups and publishes news, advices, recommendations and event information.


It seems that the last two months for eAnalytics was not too bad. eAnalytics is looking forward to the next couple of months and will post soon some more interesting statistics.

Posted by: Isabel Kick, Web-Analyst

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