New version of eAnalytics 0.9.2 available for download

Published in on 09.06.2012 at 21:30

An new version of the open source web analytics tool eAnalytics is available for download. The new version offers a couple of new exciting features and includes a couple of bug fixes.

eAnalytics is available on our website ( as well as from SourceForge ( Please follow the new installation instructions. We have improved the installation procedure considerably such that it is now much easier to install eAnalytics onto your server. Beside the Debian package you can also download the source code of the system.

Following new features have bee added to the system

Applications & Reports

  • A new LiveView widget is available for dashboards. The new (configurable) real-time widget shows selected KPIs including a prediction what happens the rest of the day.


  • A configurable SummaryWidget is available for dashboards. The new widget delivers a graphic and KPI values on selected KPIs.


  • Two new social marketing reports deliver details on new and lost followers from Twitter including  number of tweets, followers and friends of the Twitter followers. The report is configurable, so one can select the time frame for the report (e.g. "last month").


  • A new keyword report on display advertising campaigns. The report includes a derived metric "Success Rate (%)" for each keyword especially useful in domains with success events (without orders).


  • Bug fixes (Calculation of #PIs and #Visits  in the Page Visits adjusted,
        "# First Time Cookies" in the KPI Monitor Widget corrected)


  • A new pattern mode for attribute filter definition is now available.
  • Distinct limits for results in the filter wizard can be defined.
  • Users with viewer role can now configure dashboard elements.
  • Bug fixes (Export now works also for derived metrics, filter labels vcan now be larger than 255 charaters, two filters within the same attribute group do no longer exclude each other, metric filter SQL erro, has been fixed)

Twitter Interface

  • Overall revised version (including improved logging)
  • More details on followers are retrieved via the Twitter API

Adwords interface

  • Overall revised version (incl. update to Google Adwords API 8.7, improved logging, optimization).
  • Adwords API authenication now works via MCC accounts which makes the interface set up much easier.
  • Also placement data is retrieved via the Adwords API.
  • Bug fixes (ad data retrieval fixed).


  • „Full install“ – mode (easy and automatic installation of debian pagacke and prerequistes).


System requirements are the same as before: The Debian installation package requires Ubuntu 10.04.


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