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The online privacy of internet users gets more and more important. There is a new EU law for protecting the personal information of the users. Following the enforcement of this law web analytics has to change or will die.

Dying is not a solution because everyone in the web community knows how important web analytics is for optimizing web pages, e-commerce shops and even products and product promotions.

So, today we proudly present the new generation of web analytics: eAnalytics.

eAnalytics is a German open source in-house solution for web analytics. All data are stored in compliance with the German data privacy law – and as you know the German privacy guidelines regarding IP addresses are the strictest all over the world.

eAnalytics provides features that enable companies to match their web analysis concept to their data privacy protection concept. These features are:

  • In-house solution: no data has to be stored on 3rd party servers. This is a huge advantage – especially for confidential data. 
  • IP address handling: eAnalytics offers two opportunities for logging the IP address. The 1st one is to deactivate the complete logging. The 2nd is to use the IP Mask Modul to mask the IP address. The masked IP address has no effect to the accuracy of the geographical allocation process. If you choose the first opportunity the IP address is not stored at any time and in this case the geographical mapping is not possible.
  • DoNotTrack: eAnalytics provides an OPT OUT cookie for all visitors which do not want to be tracked. You can use this feature with a ”DoNotTrack” button or link – like eAnalytics is it doing on the web page (www.eanalytics.de)
  • Cookies: The eAnalytics solution does not rely on cookies to reconstruct visitor session. Cookies are only used for identifying returning visitors.

These features are responsible that you will be compliant to the data privacy guidelines. With eAnalytics you will still be able to use web analytics for optimizing your user experience, your conversion and rise up your revenue – and it’s not necessary to let web analytics die.

There are a lot more advantages of eAnalytics. I will write about it in the next posts. So, stay tuned!

Check out the eAnalytics demo and tell us what you think about it.

Posted by: Isabel Kick, Web Analyst

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