How does eAnalytics differ from other non commercial web analytic tools?

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One of the most frequently asked questions at the dmexco (the digital marketing exposition and conference) in Cologne was: What is the main difference to Piwik or Google Analytics?This post summarizes a few features which describe the difference from eAnalytics to other non commercial products for web analytics.

One day after the dmexco

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The digital marketing exposition and conference is over and we are very satisfied because our expectations were over surpassed.A record of 19.300 visitors visited the dmexco in the last 2 days. And a lot of them found the way to the eAnalytics stand in Hall 8, which was not as big in relation to our commercial competitors.The eAnalytics team had a lot of interesting talks and discussions. We are very proud that the feedback on eAnalytics of all visitors was positive. A lot of visitors were enthusiastic about this open source solution and about the web front end. We get new inspirations...

eAnalytics - Made In Germany

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Heute möchte ich mich mit meinem Post speziell an alle deutschsprachigen Web Analysten wenden. Das Open Source Produkt eAnalytics wurde von der deutschen Firma EXAConsult entwickelt. EXAConsult hat mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich BI und Datawarehouse-Technologien. Dieses Wissen ist stark in die Entwicklung von eAnalytics eingeflossen. Weiterhin betreut EXAConsult mittlerweile mehr als 10 Jahre Kunden auf dem deutschen Markt bezüglich Webanalyse und Webanalyse-Beratung. Die Besonderheiten des deutschen Marktes und spezielle die Bedingungen des deutschen Datenschutzes sind uns bekannt....