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eAnalytics is a new web analytics system especially designed for companies that require an integrated in-house solution. The system meets privacy issues as well as requirements for a tight integration of data from different sources and different systems (operational and analytical).

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Discover a sample of eAnalytics dashboards and reports with data from a fictional online shop TastyGarden and the eAnalytics web site.

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Use the VMware or VirtualBox Image to test eAnalytics without actually having to install the whole system. You can test every aspect of eAnalytics – including your own dashboards and user management. Use TastyGarden (a fiction online shop included in the images) to generate test requests and see how they result in data in your reports.

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Neue Version der Adwords Schnittstelle verfügbar

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Die neue Adwords Schnittstelle von eAnalytics unterstützt die Nutzung von "Upgraded-URL"s, die Google seit Februar anbietet. Die Adwords Schnittstelle von eAnalytics ist damit vollständig auf die aktuelle Version der Adwords API v201502 migriert.

Eine neue Version des Digital Analytics Systems ist verfügbar

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Eine neue Version des eAnalytics Systems (Version 1.1) ist in Form eines Debian Paketes verfügbar. Wir haben die Systemfunktionalität deutlich erweitert. Es gibt viele neue Berichtsapplikationen. Hauptmerkmal des neuen Paketes ist aber, dass es unter einer aktuellen Ubuntu Version zu installieren ist. Das nutzen wir bei Kunden schon länger, leider hat der Weg hierhin etwas gedauert.

How to install eAnalytics...

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How to install eAnalytics using the eAnalytics Debian Package for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.The complete web controlling system - containing front end-, database-, pre-processing components and page tagging server - is being installed in only a few steps. The tutorial shows how to check if the system work correctly as well. This describes the single server installation that is suitable for websites with up to 5m page views per month. Everyone with more page views can install the different components on different servers and boost the performance.

New version of eAnalytics 0.9.2 available for download

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An new version of the open source web analytics tool eAnalytics is available for download. The new version offers a couple of new exciting features and includes a couple of bug fixes.

"Freie Software" - Eine Investition in die Zukunft!

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Dieses Thema wird immer wieder gerne aufgegriffen, leider zu häufig aus der Sichtweise von Herstellern proprietärer Software

The IdealObserver ranking of web analytic tools

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eAnalytics is the best ranked web analytic tool without license fees in the IdealObserver ranking, which is an independent ranking.

Review of the last two months

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Now, two months and one week since the launch of the open source solution for web analytics – eAnalytics – it is time to make a short review about the last 2 months.

How does eAnalytics differ from other non commercial web analytic tools?

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One of the most frequently asked questions at the dmexco (the digital marketing exposition and conference) in Cologne was: What is the main difference to Piwik or Google Analytics?This post summarizes a few features which describe the difference from eAnalytics to other non commercial products for web analytics.